First Visit | Central Texas Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics | Bryan TX

First Visit

Our friendly staff will accommodate your appointment needs in a timely and helpful manner. Your appointment will be scheduled by our front office personnel while any testing or surgeries will be arranged by our Surgery Scheduler. Except in the case of emergencies, our office hours are by appointment only, but we do keep several open slots daily for acute injuries.

At your first visit, you will be asked to complete a Patient Information Form and a Patient History and Physical Form. For your convenience, you may download the forms from our website, print and complete them and bring them with you to your appointment.

Patients will be asked to provide insurance and medical history information, photo ID such as a driver's license, medical records, and X-rays and/or test results from previous physicians. We make every effort to provide the highest quality care and to minimize your wait time. It is our policy to never rush a patient for the utmost in care.

What to Expect on your First Visit

  • Patient interview
  • Detailed physical exam
  • X-rays (if necessary)
  • MRI/procedure scheduling
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Plan is discussed
  • Questions answered and clarification of treatment plan

Please bring the following items with you to appointments:

  • Your insurance card or other health coverage information and a photo ID. Some insurance carriers require you have a referral or primary care physician authorization before treatment is given. Please check with your insurance carrier to see if a referral is needed.
  • Walking shorts and athletic shoes (knee examination only).
  • Recent X-rays or MRIs if you have already been seen by another physician for the injury/condition.
  • Clinic notes or operative reports from your referring physician that relate to your condition.

Medical Records

If, in the future, you need to request certain medical records from our office, please be aware that our processing of that request may take 10 days to two weeks before you receive that information. We will make every effort to fulfill all requests as quickly as possible.